Top 5 Programming Related Podcasts That Keep Me Listening.
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There are great number of podcasts to listen too, wether on a stroll or the daily commute. I really enjoy them they’re like a more targeted radio. Instead of listening to what the latest popular presenter had for dinner or the same song for 16th time today get your ears around some of my favorite podcasts. In no particular order i offer up a list of podcasts that developers of all levels should at the very least try out.

Coding Blocks

Coding blocks is difficult to pigeon hole and that's a good thing. It’s usually series based, focusing on a subject or book for a number of shows. Allen Underwood, Joe Zack and Michael Outlaw do a fantastic job of educating and informing. It’s also backed by a great and growing community. It’s largely language agnostic with a sprinklings of .NET.

Talk Python to Me

This podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy is usually my go to for all python related conversations. Michael comes across as super enthusiastic and is a joy to listen too. He gets a great selection of co-hosts. Talk Python to Me is obviously Python aimed but it also touches on languages around the Python eco-system.

The Bikeshed

Pretty much since the first episode i was hooked on the bikeshed. It’s (was) hosted by Derek Prior, Sean Griffin. These two are extremely knowledgeable and have great comradery. Developers from all languages can take away a lot of information from these guys, although it does have strong undertones of Ruby.

There has been a change of hosts recently so i’d deffo start from episode one, although im sure the new hosts will do a great job.

Developer Tea

Jonathan Cutrell heads this show and has what i think is possibly the most smooth, buttery voice of the podcast world. Developer Tea the most unique show on the list. Each episode around roughly 7-13 minutes long discusses everything in and around development, without actually discussing development. Developer Tea is language agnostic and is mostly focused on personal growth as a developer.

Hansel Minutes

Scott has put together a great show of interviews. It has a lot of variety covering really all facets of development. Every episode is different and a delight to listen too. The sheer amount of variety leads itself to this podcast being super language agnostic.

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